Chelsea FC Bids Emotional Farewell to Long-Time Press Steward Brian Pullman After 56 Years of Service

Chelsea FC Bids Emotional Farewell to Long-Time Press Steward Brian Pullman After 56 Years of Service May, 21 2024 -0 Comments

Brian Pullman: A Stalwart of Chelsea FC

After an inspiring 56 years of unwavering dedication to Chelsea FC, Brian Pullman, the beloved press steward, has decided to retire. Brian’s journey epitomizes loyalty and passion for the club, beginning way back in 1948 when he first attended a Chelsea game as a schoolboy. Little did young Brian know then that this would mark the start of a lifelong association with the Blues.

The Early Years and the Road to Full-Time Stewardship

Brian’s official journey with Chelsea kicked off on August 14, 1968, when he served as a steward for the first time during a match against Nottingham Forest. This marked the beginning of an era filled with countless memories and unforgettable moments. Those who frequented Stamford Bridge or attended press conferences at Cobham would instantly recognize his friendly and welcoming demeanor. Brian was more than just a steward; he became an integral part of the club’s ethos, a consistent face of hospitality and professionalism.

Over the decades, Brian’s role involved coordinating with local and international media, ensuring that journalistic activities ran smoothly during both ordinary weekdays and the adrenaline-pumped match days. Renowned journalists and photographers came to see him not merely as a steward but as a friend who always greeted them with a smile and a warm chat.

A Bitter-Sweet Farewell Ceremony

In recognition of his immense contribution, Chelsea FC organized a heartfelt ceremony to honor Brian’s excellent service. The current press pack, alongside Chelsea’s head coach Mauricio Pochettino, paid special tribute. Pochettino, who highly regards Brian’s long-standing service, presented him with a special gift on behalf of the club. Alongside this touching gesture, a plaque dedicated to Brian was erected in the press room, immortalizing his contribution to the club.

The current press contingent, too, joined in to express their gratitude. A heartfelt presentation was organized featuring various gifts and a warm tribute from Andy Dillon, a seasoned football reporter from *The Sun*. These gestures underscored the deep impact Brian had both on an individual level and within the larger Chelsea media community. Pochettino’s words aptly summed up the sentiments shared by everyone associated with Chelsea FC: “It has been an honor to work with Brian, and he will be greatly missed.” These words resonated deeply throughout the Stamford Bridge and Cobham corridors.

More Than Just a Job: A Legacy

Brian’s story is not only about a job but about building relationships and becoming part of a football legacy. His departure leaves behind not just a vacancy but a sense of nostalgia mixed with respect and admiration from everyone who had the privilege of working with or knowing him. Future generations of Chelsea staff and fans will undoubtedly hear tales of Brian’s dedication, each story painting a picture of a man who lived and breathed Chelsea FC.

What makes Brian’s story even more compelling is the fact that he witnessed first-hand the club’s metamorphosis over the years. From the highs of Premier League triumphs to the lows of tumultuous seasons, Brian experienced them all. And through it all, he remained a constant, a familiar and friendly face the media could count on.

A Tribute to Humility and Dedication

Few individuals stand out as more integral to the spirit of a sports club than Brian Pullman. As Chelsea FC and its legion of fans fondly look back at his contributions, it becomes clear that Brian embodied the club's heart and soul. His retirement marks the end of an era, but his legacy will undoubtedly continue to inspire both existing and aspiring members of the Chelsea community.

As he steps into retirement, Brian Pullman carries with him the deep gratitude and best wishes from everyone at Chelsea FC. The plaque in the press room serves as a permanent reminder of his commitment, dedication, and the personal touch he brought to his work. Brian might be stepping away from his role, but his influence will linger, casting a long shadow that speaks volumes of his unwavering service to the club.


In the world of football, where players and managers often capture the limelight, it’s figures like Brian Pullman who quietly anchor the sport with their tireless work and loyalty. Chelsea FC bids farewell to a true legend, hoping his retirement is as rewarding and joyous as his illustrious career. And as Brian embarks on this new chapter, one thing is for sure: his legacy will forever be etched in the annals of Chelsea FC.


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